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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday's Hymn: O God of Truth

O God of truth, whose living Word
Upholds what're hath breath,
Look down on thy creation, Lord,
Enslaved by sin and death.

Set up thy standard, Lord, that we
Who claim a heav'nly birth,
May march with thee to smite the lies
That vex thy groaning earth.

Ah! would we join that blest array,
And follow in the might
Of him, the Faithful and the True,
In raiment clean and white!

Then, God of truth for whom we long,
Thou who wilt hear our pray'r,
Do thine own battle in our hearts,
And slay the falsehood there.

Thomas Hughes, 1859
Tune: Mirfield, Arthur Cottman, 1872

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ellen b. said...

Oh amen to that last stanza...

rosemary said...

"Do thine own battle in our hearts"---a very appropriate daily prayer!