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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This has been Emily's week off from her playing and teaching responsibilities so she and I have done some relaxing together and its been fun. I'm thankful for my daughter and the good times we have together whether its visiting a museum, enjoying a quiet lunch or just watching a movie at home. I even enjoy the times we work together but that's not been on the schedule much this week. The key is in the word together. I'm thankful that God gave me Emily.

I'm also thankful for Kim of The Upward Call who initiated these Thankful Thursday posts. This is the last Thursday of 2010 but I'm not about to stop giving thanks to our gracious God for all of His gifts to us. There's blessing in the discipline of giving thanks but I'm blessed by hearing all of your reasons to thank Him too. So I'm planning to continue my Thankful Thursday posts in 2011 and I'm hoping that you will join in as well.


Persis said...

Daughters are a blessing! Have a wonderful rest of the week together.

Kim said...

I'm thankful for your participation, Dorothy, and your encouragement! Blessings to you and yours, and looking forward to April!

rosemary said...

Enjoy the week with Emily!

I plan to continue Thankful Thursday posts too. Glad you are as well!

John said...

Happy New Year, Dorothy! said...

Since clicking on your blog by accident I find myself returning often. Thank you for the frequent updates!
Best of Heath and Happiness in 2011!