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Friday, October 29, 2010


Friday, again. Whew! I'm thankful that God is my strength these days...every day, in fact. Its through His power that I am able to do anything ever but some days that's more obvious than others. Its been a hectic Fall around the cottage!

Yesterday was my annual thyroid check-up and I am so thankful to report that all is well on that front. This year's Thanksgiving Day should be much different from last year's and I'm praising Him for that!

And this morning I'm thankful for a hot cup of tea and a warm little dog in my lap as I study God's Word and thank Him for His promises to me.

Each Thursday (or Friday) of 2010, I'm joining my friend, Kim of The Upward Call and others in thanking God for His blessings. Won't you join us?


Kim said...

Great news about your health! And it's always nice to have a little lap warmer when you study the bible!

AuntE said...

Dorothy - I have meant (more than once!) to comment and say that I SO appreciate your "thankful" posts each week. It is a discipline to be thankful - more on some days and in some circumstances than in others.

You are a blessing to me (even though we've never met!) :)