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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I get to stay home all day today! And for that, homebody that I am, I am thanking God this fine morning! Its a perfect day to stay home too. Truth be told, most days are for me. But today is Charlie's 15th birthday so its an extra special day to be home. I get to have him sleep in my lap while I do my Bible study, take him for a walk or two, and even just watch him sleep in his little bed as I pass back and forth doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms. Did I mention that I'm thankful for Charlie too? Ah, I thank God for the contentment I feel this day.

What are you thanking Him for t0day? Kim of The Upward Call and quite a few others are cultivating an attitude of gratitude as we thank God for His blessings each Thursday of 2010. Please jump right in with us!


Kim Shenberger said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Kim said...

I'll think of Charlie every time I pass my snoring Sally as she sleeps on her bed today.

rosemary said...

Yay for staying home and for a sweet birthday doggie!