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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have so much to be thankful for today...and every day, truth be told! But today....Andy comes home! He only left on Tuesday morning but I'm so thankful that by tonight, he'll be home. If the flight is on time, he'll join Emily and me for dinner at the usual time.

I'm also thanking God for a clear diagnosis for Charlie's skin last. It appears that he has picked up sarcoptic mange from the wild foxes in our neighborhood. I've certainly enjoyed seeing those beautiful red creatures trot down the sidewalk in the past but I'll be viewing them with different eyes from now on. But I am praising God that this is a problem that has a clear-cut cure. Our fear was that Charlie would prove to be allergic to his food, his prescription food that prevents the formation of bladder stones. So believe it or not, sarcoptic mange is a "good" diagnosis for Charlie. Our nights of interrupted sleep are coming to a close in the near future, Lord willing.

Its 36 sunny degrees (Fahrenheit, that is) here in Crystal Lake, IL today and I just came back from a short walk with Charlie. It was such a pleasant walk with the edges of the snow melting and revealing the muddy grass by the driveways and sidewalks. Spring is in the air! Thank you, Lord! And thank you, Lord, too, that I could take that short walk and enjoy it without experiencing any pain in my hip! The bursitis does still cause pain at times but yesterday my orthopedic doctor gave me another cortisone shot in that hip and this one seems to be helping more than the last one. I pray it lasts.

What good gifts are you thanking our God for today? Why not join Kim at the Upward Call and several others of us who are praising Him for His provisions each Thursday of this year.

Update: Its 3:00PM now and the outdoor thermometer says 41 degrees!! Woohoo!!


WhiteStone said...

So happy to hear about Charlie's diagnosis. And hope your bursitis subsides. I began having that in one hip years ago and once I began to be aware that it was "beginning" to hurt, I would sit differently or whatever it took to remove that feeling. That seemed to take care of it. That, and a shot.

rebecca said...

Hooray that things are looking up for poor Charlie!

rosemary said...

So glad Charlie's on the mend, which means your sleep will improve! And 41 degrees----really nice.

rosemary said...

So glad Charlie's on the mend, which means your sleep will improve! And 41 degrees----really nice.

Kim said...

Oh, good for poor Charlie! Hope he's sleeping peacefully very soon!

Lisa notes... said...

I love reading all the things you're thankful for. It lifts my heart and reminds me of things I should be more thankful for also. Glad your cortisone shot is so effective! My mother had one a few weeks ago in her knee and it made all the difference.