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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Away for the Weekend

We're leaving tomorrow for Ann Arbor, MI. That's where our daughter, Emily, lives. Its about five hours away from the cottage. Usually, she comes here for holidays and vacations but this occasion is her big recital and that's occurring over there so we're doing the traveling. Its kind of an odd feeling to be the visitors at her apartment, her school of music, her church. We'll enjoy it, I'm sure, but it feels like a subtle change in roles somehow. Still, she's actually learned to cook this year and that part really has some benefits! Maybe I just have to sit back and enjoy some of these role reversals more!

Anyway, as far as blogging is concerned, I've got my Sunday Hymn ready to go at the appointed time but other than that, it'll be quiet at the cottage this weekend. See you all again next week.


Willow said...

Enjoy your trip! Ann Arbor can be a lovely place. And enjoy the recital and seeing your girl in the limelight.

ellen b. said...

Enjoy your weekend away Dorothy. Thank you for my birthday wishes!