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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Destination Walk

We're having our third day of mostly sunny and decidedly warmer weather today and Charlie and I have gotten in TWO walks! Now let's keep things in perspective here. That would be warmer than single digit, both positive and negative, degrees Fahrenheit. This afternoon, it is 26 degrees out there and yesterday was 34. I think Saturday made it all the way to 37 degrees! Still, relative warmth and sun...that's a good thing! The blue skies and the white snow are making it quite lovely...if you don't look at the melty, muddy patches underfoot.

I snapped this picture of what is now known as the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park over the weekend. The cottage is located just a block behind this historic complex which consists of Dole Mansion, the Victorian mansion on the left of the picture, and Lakeside Center, the obviously "newer" addition which was added to acommodate an early transformation of the property into Crystal Lake's first country club. There have been several owners and uses of the building throughout the years including a stint as a prepratory seminary for the Fransciscan Order. Now the vision for this building is as a home for various arts education programs. We do enjoy its presence in our back yard and walking around "the Dole" is a great short walk for Charlie!


Willow said...

New photo of you! Cute!

The buildings are beautiful and I'm sure the walk in the spring is incredible. But right now you may think being able to walk outside is the best gift.

AuntE said...

Thank you for sharing how your community is supporting the arts! The facility looks fabulous and such a wonderful way to keep a part of the area's history more or less intact.