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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Home for Someone

We own this sturdy little brick ranch. Its been a rental now for the past several years. About a year ago, we decided to try to sell it the next time it became vacant. That happened at the end of this past June and we listed the house despite the poor housing market, praying that God would have His way in using it as a blessing to another family as well as to us through that sale. Well, that wasn't God's plan. We just signed a lease with a likable young couple who will move in on November 1st. They are only a little bit older than our daughter, Emily, and have no family in this area. Andy and I find ourselves desirous of reaching out to them in friendship with the intent to make that house and Crystal Lake a true home for them. As much as any earthly home can be, anyway. We credit God with putting that desire to befriend these two in our hearts and are prayerful that He will enable us and give us the opportunities to do just that.


ellen b. said...

May God bless you and them both!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a lovely home, Dorothy, I hope you get the chance to use it to God's Glory.

rosemary said...

Sure sounds like a wonderful, God-ordained opportunity for both you and your tenants. The phrase, "mercy drops 'round us are falling," comes to mind. May His mercy hover over the home and your service to those folks.