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Friday, November 16, 2012


I was so busy yesterday that I totally forgot about posting my thankfulness for the week but I am surely thankful for all I accomplished yesterday.  I defrosted the basement freezer, always a bigger job than I think it is going to be.  Then I pruned back the roses in preparation for putting them to bed for the winter and did some other yard work while I was out there.  And I was so very thankful for a mild day to do that outside work!  It was a pleasant, sunny 50 degrees!

Then Murphy and I got in a lovely walk with only a light coat for me and none for him.  Such a lovely day!

After that it was back inside for some kitchen work.  I boiled a chicken carcass for soup and put it in the freezer to have handy for a warming meal on a busy day when I don't know what to make for dinner.  Yesterday, I already had a plan for dinner so now I am one up on that repeating job!

I can't help but mention my thankfulness for time spent on TWO occasions with TWO dear sisters in Christ.  What a blessing they both are to me and how encouraging in my walk of faith!  I thank God for both of them

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ellen b. said...

It's great to get those mild days to ready the yard for winter. Enjoy your weekend!