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Thursday, May 31, 2012


This week Andy has vacation from work but we opted to stay home and enjoy some local recreation rather than travel anywhere.  We have some great fishing holes very close to home, including Crystal Lake which is about three blocks from the cottage.  We also have the Chain O' Lakes on the Fox River which boasts some great fishing and is only an hour away. But back to our cottage, we love it!  There is a nice screen porch attached to our home and a beautiful yard too.  That is in addition to our home itself which we've got set up for our own tastes and preferences.  So why not enjoy our relaxing time right here!

Well, its been a wonderful week so far.  We have gotten in some fun times on the water but we've also enjoyed plenty of time of just relaxing at home together too.  And the key word for me is together.  I don't really care much what we are doing as long as its together.  We even did a few tasks that had backed up on us but we did them together and that's the best way!

So I am thanking God this week for the blessing of a happy marriage in which we genuinely enjoy each others' company and His provision of a lovely place to live and enjoy life together.  I also thank Him for Emily who, although she is still teaching and working, has managed to enjoy some of the fun times with us too.  And of course there is Murphy who makes the fun times even more fun when seen through his eyes. So I am blessed and soaking it up this week.  Thank you, God!


Persis said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful week, Dorothy.

rosemary said...

Oh, the blessings of a godly marriage! Glad you're having such an enjoyable vacation week together, Dorothy.