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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I'm thankful for the sunshine and warmth this afternoon after a rainy day yesterday and a morning with a cold, penetrating breeze.  Murphy and I had a very nice walk in the sun!

I'm also thankful that a dear friend's husband came home from the hospital today.  They are a very close elderly couple and it was hard on them to be apart.  Besides that consideration, I am thankful for the improvement in his health.

Finally, I am thankful for a loving husband of my own and God's blessing of good health for both of us.

What are you thanking our gracious God for today?  Please do share.


rosemary said...

A loving husband and good health are great blessings! I'm glad you have both.

Persis said...

I just finished my yearly round of routine tests, and I'm thankful for health too.

Kim Shay said...

Always thankful for the sun!