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Friday, December 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Oops, its Friday again. I was so busy enjoying the reason for my thankfulness...a day off for Andy that we got to spend together...that I didn't remember to post about it! We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with Emily at a local restaurant called, appropriately enough, Andy's before doing some browsing and light shopping. We then returned home to take Murphy for a walk and catch up a few things we wanted to do around here...nothing high pressure though. After a supper of chicken and rice soup and salad, we broke into the cookies that one of the ladies in my group at Bible study gave me for Christmas. Mmm, mmm!

So I'm thanking God for some time to relax and regroup together and be reminded of what really matters in this hectic time leading up to the celebration of Christmas. It was a lovely day!

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Willow said...

A relaxing day like that is just what you need before the rush of Christmas week!