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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday's Hymn: Great God of Wonders!

Great God of wonders! all thy ways
Are worthy of thyself divine;
And the bright glories of thy grace
Among thine other wonders shine:
Who is a pard'ning God like thee?
Or who has grace so rich and free?
Pardon from an offended God!
Pardon for sins of deepest dye!
Pardon bestowed through Jesus' blood!
Pardon that brings the rebel nigh!
O may this glorious matchless love,
This God-like miracle of grace,
Teach mortal tongues like those above,
To raise this song of lofty praise;
Samuel Davies, 1723-1761
Tune: Pater Omnium, Henry J.E. Holmes, 1875

1 comment:

Pearl said...

That's a very big fish. And yes, everything is God's wonder.