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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Andy gave me the gift of an iPad this past Saturday! Can you believe it? I'm still incredulous myself! I've got a long ways to go on the learning curve but, wow! That about sums it up! Maybe that's too many exclamation, I don't think so.

And, listen to this. I normally use my laptop to post to my blog but there is a major, multiple day problem going on for some Blogger users including me. But here I am, posting from my iPad, using an app called Blogpress and smiling all the time.

And Charlie is smiling too because he's so much more comfortable sleeping on my lap without my continual effort to reach over him to use the laptop.

So, yes, today I am thankful for this fun, new gadget but even more I am thankful for a loving husband who persisted in telling me how much I would enjoy it. Need I say he was right?

What good gift are you thanking our gracious God for today? Please do share!

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rosemary said...

Harry has one, but so far I haven't wanted one. Perhaps I ought to rethink that...

Persis said...

What a neat present. And its doggy-friendly, too. :-)