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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Indeed, every earthly inclination--every earthly pursuit, however innocent in itself, when it interferes with the cultivation of Christian dispositions and the practice of Christian duties, becomes a weight which must be laid aside. There are certain habits in reference to religion itself which form great encumbrances to the persevering discharge of Christian duty. A fondness for what is curious and new in religion--a disposition to "intrude into things not seen," because not revealed--a giving heed to doctrines which minister questions rather than godly edifying--a turning aside unto vain janglings,--this appears to me one of the weights which Christians of the present as well as of the apostolic age need to lay aside, if they would so run as to obtain. The great enemy of our souls does not care much what it is that keeps us from prosecuting our Christian course, if we are but kept from prosecuting it; and when he can so far delude us as to make us believe that we are prosecuting that course when we are either standing still or proceeding in another direction, he considers his object as gained in the best possible way.~John Brown, Hebrews, on Hebrews 12:1


Kim Shenberger said...

Great quote from John B.

I'm sending you and Carol a link that deals somewhat with this aspect of our passage. Lots to talk about this week; think we'll get through it?

; )

Trisha said...

How did I miss this? This is absolutely wonderful, and I'm so thankful you shared it. How easily our hearts get distracted with these very things he mentions.