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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just as I Was Poised for a Comeback... laptop got quite sick. No, there was no pig that kissed it. In fact, I am not quite sure what did happen. At first it seemed like an unexpected power outage caused the corruption of some file or other. That diagnosis comes from Andy. I don't even have enough computer savvy to know that I shouldn't have unplugged it (its battery is totally dead) and just moved it from one location to another without shutting it off. I just thought it was kind of like moving a lamp across the room without turning it off before unplugging it. But then, Andy said that wasn't the whole problem and I can't really relate what was the whole problem. I just know that he had to totally wipe it out and "rebuild it." And that happened last night.

Its good to have Daisybelle back! We name our computers over here and they all have "belle" names. Andy's is Annabelle. Emily's is Lilybelle. Anyway, Daisybelle does not have all of her programs back yet but I can use her again now. And I am getting a belated Mother's Day gift. Its a new battery for my laptop aaand...a backup drive. Woohoo!

Now, you may think I am pretty computer inept...and its true. But the rest of the truth is that I have learned so very much about using a computer from having a blog! And next to what Iused to know about computers, I am pretty smart now! It just seems sometimes like all the computer knowledge I gain has to be the hard way.


AuntE said...

Dorothy - you have Andy, I have a teenage son! He's my 'go to' for all things computer. Thank goodness! Glad you're up and computing once again.

rebecca said...

It' amazing how much you can learn about computers from running a blog, isn't it?

Glad yours is back in working order.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Glad you're up and running again!