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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Red Berries

So far, this December is feeling like one snow clean-up after another without much of a break between them. Its reminding me of the constant chore of snow removal during our winters in Upstate New York. Yesterday, it started snowing in Crystal Lake, IL sometime around 1PM and it didn't stop until about 8:30 PM. The total is only about 3-4 inches. Paltry, by New York standards but conditions were very slippery and the evening commute was nightmarish. It took Andy almost 4 hours to get home! His normal evening commute is about an hour and 15 minutes. You can bet Andy was glad to get here and I was so thankful for God's protection of him!

The morning today dawned quite lovely and sunny with the beauty that only fresh snows brings. I guess I am just seeing and enjoying those red berries in the white snow everywhere this year. This bush lacks the green leaves that the one in our yard sports in the winter but the berries are bigger. I love the blue of the sky behind them.


Willow said...

It has been so dark all afternoon that I wasn't able to get out to photography my berries. Mine aren't surrounded by snow though; just dirty ole wet dirt.

I do like the contrast of the berries against the blue sky (and I'm glad you have a little blue sky there today).

John said...

Send 3-4 inches of snow south. We could use the moisture.

Dorothy said...

John, I'd gladly send you 3-4 inches of our snow! Willow, you could have some too, if you'd like. The forecast is for 7-11 inches tonight! Yikes!!