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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Price of Gas: August 14, 2008

The downward trends continues! Gas at "my" local gas station in Crystal Lake, IL is 4 cents per gallon cheaper this week than last. Now this is the gas station that I photograph each week and use as my standard to measure the price of gas in our town. And usually all of the plain old gas stations along the main drag here are within a couple of pennies of each other. Not this week! The prices were all over the place with $3.89 being the low and prices ranging all the way up to $4.09. In the neighboring town of Algonquin, just to the south of us where our Costco is located, prices were even more erratic. $3.91 was the low there but one station was $4.15 per gallon!

How are gas prices in your area? Is there more uniformity of price in your town or are the prices rather erratic like here? Check in with Rebecca and let her know what you are paying for gas. We want to know.

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